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The concept of Xdebts was conceived during the post 2008 financial crisis. Amidst this time period many individuals were negatively impacted with unforeseen financial burdens and were ultimately left in a position where creeping debt was taking control over their personal life and general well-being.


Many companies at the time were taking advantage of their customers through cookie-cutter programs, unnecessary fees, and possessing a  general lack of compassion towards each client.


We at Xdebts noticed what was wrong with the industry and decided to challenge the status quo. What separates us from the competition is our devotion to treat every client with the utmost devotion and care. We make it a priority to fully understand and recognize your current financial situation and work WITH you in determining the best possible solutions. Our company’s policy encourages absolute transparency between our clients, and ensures we respond to any questions/concerns in a timely manner.

At Xdebts you are considered family, we take pride in what we accomplish, and ensure we do whatever it takes to assist you with your financial situation.


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Excellent service. Very simple easy application, monthly statements
Lori Sabutang
Richmond Hill
My gratitude for Credit Canada Debt Solutions is unlimited... their expertise, understanding, non-judgemental approach was reassuring. You may already feel disappointed in your spending habits but Credit Canada folks strive to teach you and support you every step of the way. Thank you.
Alex Panaligan
North York


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We take pride in the differences we make in our clients lives. See how Xdebts has helped people just like you!